2013. Giving a speech about drones and human rights in Geneva, Switzerland.
2013. Giv­ing a speech about drones and human rights in Gene­va, Switzer­land.

I’m a social media pro and busi­ness growth maven, for­mer­ly a writer, speak­er, pun­dit, for­mer con­sul­tant, and for­mer intel­li­gence ana­lyst.

I’m cur­rent­ly liv­ing in Den­ver, Col­orado, where I work with com­pa­nies to help them under­stand and grow their audi­ences, think through how their pub­lic pres­ence affects their growth poten­tial, and plan out strate­gic cam­paigns to meet their goals. I (very) occa­sion­al­ly pub­lish analy­sis of var­i­ous pol­i­cy and aca­d­e­m­ic top­ics, though that’s not my dai­ly life any­more.

I spent a few years liv­ing in Guan­tanamo Bay, Cuba (total­ly for a good rea­son!), and have also done com­mu­ni­ca­tions work for non-prof­its, free­lance jour­nal­ism, due dili­gence research, writ­ing and edit­ing, and pol­i­cy analy­sis. And before all that, I worked as a senior mil­i­tary intel­li­gence ana­lyst for the U.S. gov­ern­ment cov­er­ing Afghanistan, Pak­istan, and Yemen.

I wrote a book in 2010, Afghanistan Jour­nal: Selec­tions from You can pur­chase it here.

I stopped using Twit­ter in a per­son­al capac­i­ty a while ago and real­ly only use it these days to prac­tice scrap­ing big data sets so I can bet­ter under­stand how peo­ple are dis­cussing ideas online. You can find hours upon hours of my media appear­ances and pub­lic speech­es on Youtube. In addi­tion, I’m up on, as well as Google+, LinkedIn, and