Quoted in the Verge

I’m quoted in this story in the Verge about reforming the NSA. I issue a challenge to Congress to follow through on some of its rhetoric about the Obama administration. But if Congress decided to crack down on the NSA, there’s plenty more they could do. Joshua Foust is a former intelligence analyst turned freelance ...

Interviewed: To the Point with Warren Olney

Earlier this week, I was interviewed on To the Point, with Warren Onley on NPR. We talked about the NSA and about Edward Snowden, and whether any of it makes sense from a high level. Audio is here.

Quoted in Time

I’m quoted in Time about two new reports out by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch about the U.S. drone program. While the reports provide devastating details and draw attention to the debate, stories of innocent people hurt in drone strikes “don’t add substantively to knowledge of the drone program nor do they alter the ...

Interview: Obama’s New Foreign Policy

Interview: Obama's New Foreign Policy
For Radio 4′s The World Tonight, err, last night, I talked with Ritula Shah about Obama’s new direction in counter terrorism. Audio link is here.

Robo-Ethics: Do Autonomous Weapons Pose Greater Ethical Dangers or Rewards? (Video)

Robo-Ethics: Do Autonomous Weapons Pose Greater Ethical Dangers or Rewards? (Video)
I had the tremendous pleasure this week of visiting the Naval Postgraduate School, where I participated in a discussion with Dr. Heather Roff and Dr. Bradley Strawser about the ethics, morality, legality, and practical implications of allowing weapons to autonomously make lethal decisions. The full session is below:   [LINK IS HERE]   I’ll be writing ...

Panel on France 24

Panel on France 24
On Tuesday, I was on France24′s Debate program, discussing the detention of David Miranda. The other panelists were: Jeremy CORBYN. British Labour MP (Islington North). Member, Stop the War Coalition – from London; Ellen WASYLINA. Chairman, Expert Council. President, Observatory of the Black, Gulf and Mediterranean Seas (OBGMS); Guillaume GRALLET. Technology Reporter, Le Point; Francis ...

Discussing Privacy and Security on Aljazeera’s The Stream

I had the pleasure of a spirited discussion with the ACLU’s Chris Soghoian and SSP Blue’s Hemanshu Nigam.

What to Make of the NSA and Edward Snowden?

Sunday night, I recorded a “diavlog” with Think Progress’ Hayes Brown, talking about the NSA, whistleblowing versus leaking, and the man at the center of it all: Edward Snowden.  

Quoted in the Financial Times

I was quoted in the Financial Times over the weekend, discussing the NSA disclosures. Joshua Foust, a former analyst at the Defence Intelligence Agency and counterterrorism expert, said surveillance activities had expanded so rapidly because after 9/11 voters and politicians had insisted that the government take all necessary measures to prevent terrorism, punishing politicians who ...

Talking Autonomy and Drones All Up in the BBC

Talking Autonomy and Drones All Up in the BBC
Yesterday, I was on the BBC several times talking about drones and autonomy. First was this segment from World Have Your Say, where we discussed the UN Human Rights Council deliberations on Special Rapporteur Christof Heynes’ call for a preemptive ban. WHYS_drones I was also 32 minute into this Radio 4 The World Tonight segment ...