Oh Hai.



I’m a writer! I live in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Although that picture above is not Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. It is el centro histórico in Quito, Ecuador. Whatever — it’s friendly looking, right?.

Anyway, I used to be a journalist, irascible tweeter (no, really), think tanker, military intelligence analyst, and general scold. I’m none of those things anymore, though I still do the occasional scolding.

Now, I write things. I mostly pick away at fiction projects, though I do post the occasional rumination on national security and foreign policy on the blog. Old habits die hard. But I have allowed myself to expand my horizons a bit, and I try not to be quite so pigeonholed nowadays.

You can find on this site my collected articles, essays, books, stories, and blog.

Make sure to follow me on Twitter, I’ll be on there every now and again. Oh and I not have an author page on Facebook. I’m going to work on that.