Quote of the Day

77. If used in strict com­pli­ance with the prin­ci­ples of inter­na­tional human­i­tar­ian law, remotely piloted air­craft are capa­ble of reduc­ing the risk of civil­ian casu­al­ties in armed con­flict by sig­nif­i­cantly improv­ing the sit­u­a­tional aware­ness of mil­i­tary commanders.

– From the UN Spe­cial Rap­por­teur on the pro­mo­tion and pro­tec­tion of human rights and fun­da­men­tal free­doms while coun­ter­ing ter­ror­ism, Ben Emmer­son, in a report dated 18 Sep­tem­ber 2013. There are a ton of inter­est­ing (and frus­trat­ing) tid­bits in there, espe­cially the unset­tled nature of much of inter­na­tional law about drone strikes. I also wish him luck in urg­ing the U.S. gov­ern­ment to declas­sify infor­ma­tion about its drone pro­gram in Pakistan.

It takes ten min­utes, I strongly sug­gest read­ing the whole thing in full.