Quoted by David Rohde

I was quot­ed by Reuters cor­re­spon­dent David Rohde in his opin­ion piece Sun­day about drones and John O. Bren­nan.

In truth, the admin­is­tra­tion insis­tence on keep­ing the drone pro­gram secret fuels pub­lic sus­pi­cion. Declar­ing a pro­gram “covert” when it is report­ed on by the glob­al media on a dai­ly basis is increas­ing­ly absurd. As Joshua Foust, an ana­lyst and for­mer U.S. intel­li­gence offi­cial, has argued, keep­ing the pro­gram secret cedes the debate to crit­ics who say the strikes only kill vast num­bers of civil­ians.

I was nev­er an offi­cial, but that’s okay. Any­way, read the whole thing.

Joshua Foust used to be a foreign policy maven. Now he helps organizations communicate strategically and build audiences.

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