The Missing Gap of Context

Followers of me on Twitter know I’m not a fan of some new types of journalism currently clogging the intertubes. I’ve been pretty up front about how I think “explanatory journalism” is more often neither, and that the reliance on animated GIFs to either make a point or a joke is meaningless and distracting when […]

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Kazakhstan’s Gilded Cage


For Foreign Policy, I asked why Kazakhstan, which is in the process of oppressing its civil society in a way it never did in the 90s, is getting such good PR. The international respectability has come, too, if a little more slowly. In 2010, Kazahkstan chairedthe Organization for Stability and Cooperation in Europe — the first post-Soviet state […]

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A lazy, ridiculous slur

Washington Free Beacon writer Adam Kredo thinks I’m somehow connected to Chuck Hagel and Chevron and Kazakhstan and… oh well, just read it. When Kazakhstan’s riot police slaughtered dozens of striking oil field workers last year, Atlantic Council affiliate Joshua Foust rushed to discredit the reports. Foust, a member of the Atlantic Council’s Young Atlanticist […]

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