For PBS: The questions John Brennan should face

For my PBS col­umn this week, I dis­cuss what John O. Bren­nan should dis­cuss in his hear­ing before the Sen­ate Select Com­mit­tee on Intel­li­gence.

The rev­e­la­tions this week sug­gest an intel­li­gence com­mu­ni­ty that has become bad­ly unbal­anced, in favor of action above all else. The CIA, in par­tic­u­lar, has a fraught record when try­ing to under­stand the regions and coun­tries it tries to influ­ence…

The way the CIA veered sharply since 9/11 to favor oper­a­tions, most recent­ly kinet­ic oper­a­tions, has left them unpre­pared to under­stand and there­fore counter the grow­ing, com­plex chal­lenges in the world. The Sen­ate should ask John O. Bren­nan to clar­i­fy just how he will pull the Agency back from the brink, and put it back to its orig­i­nal, bal­anced mis­sion of both act­ing against but also under­stand­ing the world.

Read the rest over at PBS Need to Know.

Joshua Foust used to be a foreign policy maven. Now he helps organizations communicate strategically and build audiences.

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