A New Platform for Writing

Starting today, the substantial analytic blogposts that normally appear here a couple of times per week will be appearing at my new perch over at Beacon. It’s a new platform where readers actually pay for the content writers produce — a novel concept! You can subscribe to me here, it’s how you can support, for a modest fee, the work I do.

What does this mean for my other writing? At first not too much — I will continue to contribute paid work elsewhere (like Defense One, Medium, et al), including this week’s op-ed in the CS Monitor about the terrible shootings at the Navy Yard. I will continue to track my writing here.

The only change is the long analytic posts, like last week’s exploration of the NSA’s MOU with Israel’s signals intelligence unit, will be posted over at Beacon where I can get paid for the substantial work I’m currently doing for free as a promotion.

I hope you can join me on this exciting journey. Beacon is a great chance to support the writing for a tiny amount of money.

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