Quoted in the Verge

I’m quoted in this story in the Verge about reforming the NSA. I issue a challenge to Congress to follow through on some of its rhetoric about the Obama administration.

But if Congress decided to crack down on the NSA, there’s plenty more they could do. Joshua Foust is a former intelligence analyst turned freelance defense reporter who’s generated controversy recently for his outspoken criticism of the Snowden leaks. Foust says the basic problem is the failure of congressional oversight. “If they’re angry that [Director of National Intelligence] James Clapper lied to them, hold him in contempt of Congress. If they have evidence the intelligence community is violating the law, hold a public hearing and call them out on it. If they think the laws are too permissive, rewrite the laws. These are things I think should be happening.” But as long as Congress is comfortable giving national security agencies a free pass on those issues, we’re unlikely to see any change coming out of it.

But don’t stop there: The whole story is worth reading.

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