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My friend Michael Cecire and I tried to start a pub­lic pol­i­cy-ori­ent­ed lit­er­a­ture mag­a­zine in 2016. We were able to solic­it a few real­ly inter­est­ing short sto­ries, but ulti­mate­ly could not gen­er­ate the momen­tum need­ed to turn it into a sus­tain­able enter­prise. I’m post­ing our con­tent below, to keep it online and archived.

Edi­tor’s Note

Issue 1.1:
Short Sto­ry: “Blood Moon,” by Joshua Foust
Essay: “Why We Should Take Fic­tion Seri­ous­ly,” by Brett Jiro Fujio­ka

Issue 1.2:
Short Sto­ry: “A Short Sto­ry Told Over Din­ner,” by Jacque­lyn Beng­fort
Essay: “The Grit­ty Anthro­pocene,” by Neil Bhatiya

Issue 1.3:
Short Sto­ry: “Mas­sive­ly Open,” by Maria Sachiko Cecire
Essay: “Social Cap­i­tal and the Tin­der­bot,” By Tan­ner Geer