This is where you can find my writing that isn’t on the blog (see that tab above!).

Essays: Some of the output I generated over the years I worked as a journalist is collected in an essays page, though that’s not exhaustive of the work I did (which involved writing a weekly column for PBS for several years). A lot of the shorter pieces I wrote for journalism outlets is linked to from my blog. It’s a lot, so I haven’t put them all there, just the big “meaty” pieces I am especially proud of.

Short Stories: I’ve also been writing increasing amounts of fiction over the years. I would never claim any particular profundity, but it has proven an enjoyable outlet for exploring new writing styles and exercising my imagination. I highly recommend trying it yourself sometime! Anyway, those are collected here.

Registan.net: I used to be an editor and writer for Registan, a blog devoted to covering Central Asia, for something like seven years. It led to some cool things, like a book (purchase it here, or read the review it got by CJ Chivers at The New York Times here), countless opportunities to advise really senior people in the government, and a few jobs. That section isn’t populated yet, but it will be as I curate the posts I am most proud of and include them.

Viewscreen: Finally, there is Viewscreen, a venture with my friend Michael Cecire where we attempted to host a literary journal that focused on real world challenges. It didn’t really take hold, but I’m still proud of the work we produced there – feel free to check that out, too.