Interviewed in the Fiscal Times

David Fran­cis of The Fis­cal Times inter­viewed me for an arti­cle about the with­drawal from Afghanistan.

Joshua Foust, a fel­low with the Amer­i­can Secu­rity Project, says that fund­ing the Afghan mil­i­tary is throw­ing money at an inef­fec­tive fight­ing force.

The Inter­na­tional Secu­rity Assis­tance Force [the NATO umbrella] ranked only one of the 20 brigades as being effec­tively inde­pen­dent. The rest can’t func­tion with­out U.S. input,” he said. “We’re putting a band aid over an artery wound.”

But Foust also warned that the U.S. pres­ence must be robust enough to pre­vent the vio­lence that has his­tor­i­cally occurred there.

From a high level, there’s still a lot of things the U.S. has a stake in there. We still have a stake in pre­vent­ing the kind of car­nage that hap­pened in the 1990s,” he said. “And we have to pre­vent ter­ror­ists from returning.”

I wish he’d not pub­licly asso­ci­ated me with my for­mer employer (or dragged out the tired old “grave­yard of empires” meme) but such is life. Read the rest over at The Fis­cal Times.

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