I’m keeping track of the tools I use. This is a list for now, but there is a philosphy behind why I do.

  • Desktop Computer: aging Mac Mini with an Intel chip I swear to God I can hear wheezing, hooked up to a 10-year old widescrean 1080i monitor.
  • Keyboard: Nuphy Air 75 Wireless Mechanical because mechanicals are great and this is affordable.
  • Portable Comptuer: 12.9" M1 iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil, the best writing tool I’ve ever used.
  • Notes: Goodnotes, exceptional handwriting experience and great for PDF annotation.
  • PKM: I stopped using a PKM and began implementing a “slow writing” process that seems to be working out really well. I’ll detail more soon.
  • Reference manager: Bookends, a shocking good app with tight integration with Mellel for academic writing.
  • Word Processor: Mellel, a word processor designed to facilitate academic writing, with near-seamless integration with Bookends.
  • Remote Interviews: TapeACall for phone calls and Zoom for video calls (I don’t like their new anti-privacy AI features but don’t have an alternative yet)
  • QDA: Atlas.ti, it’s a slightly different experience compared to NVivo or MaxQDA but any of those three would be really good.