Pugs, Even When Golden, Are Awesome

Kazaxia, the wonderful blog about Kazakhstan, is giving out its Golden Pug Awards for 2013. And I won!

The Golden Pug Lifetime Achievement (Central Asia) Award

This year’s Golden Pug Lifetime Achievement (Central Asia) Award goes to Joshua Foust, who has strode the world of Central Asian analysis like a colossus for many years. Now he is bowing out from the journalistic limelight to focus on new pastures. Who among us can forget his memorable ramble through the culinary backwaters of Kyrgyzstan in his piece on the Fajitas of Osh?

Indeed, that was an utterly bizarre, surreal, fascinating, and upsetting trip I took. Meaning: it was quintessentially Central Asia. Go figure.

Thank you, Kazaxia, for the recognition!

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